You are not alone. You make a difference. These are just a couple of messages that become clear by following this blog.

I’m Bill Vastis. Welcome to my blog. My hope is that whenever you visit this site, you will feel like you just came home. Pretenses are dropped as we share riveting actual diary entries (names can be changed) that deal with real issues. Inspirational quotes surrounding the topics will be shared. I invite comments and emails from subject matter experts to provide guidance, and subscribers to offer insights.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “All we have to do is write one true sentence.” As a ground rule for sharing on this blog, please tell the truth. Your truth. (You don’t have to limit it to one sentence.) Also, if you submit entries that includes others names, please respect their right to privacy and change their names.

I love quotes. Inspirational quotes have helped me make it through many days. If we are open to a shift in our perception, a simple quote is sometimes the only prescription we might need. Please share inspirational quotes via the comment section.

Enjoy the blog, and remember…
We all want to make a difference in the lives of others.
We all can make a difference by sharing our stories and lessons learned.


Vastis the Fastest


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